Lucky Shot– Turn a natural 19 to-hit roll into a critical. Cost: 1 Renown

Scramble to Safety – Immediate interrupt after becoming bloody. Shift three. May not end adjacent to an enemy. Cost: 1 Renown

Desperate Shot – When you miss with an at-will power, re-roll one attack. Cost: 1 Renown

Heroic Surge – When you roll a critical hit, you gain an immediate Action Point which may be used even if you have already used an Action Point this round. Cost: 2 Renown

Snap out of it – When you would become dazed or stunned you end that condition. Cost: 2 Renown

That’ll Do – When you fail a skill check. Treat the result as a natural 10. Cost: 1 Renown

Minion Slayer – After you kill 3 or more minions in an encounter, spend a healing surge +1d6. Cost: 1 Renown

Undead Slayer – After you kill 2 or more Undead in an encounter, spend a healing surge +1d8. Cost: 1 Renown.

Utility Belt – As a minor action you produce a Potion, Alchemical item or other consumable which you must use immediately. Cost: 2 Renown

Arcane Surge – Choose one target who just succeeded on a saving throw against one of your Arcane attacks. The target must re-roll that save. Cost: 2 renown

Elemental Fury – Choose fire, cold, or lighting. After making a burst or blast attack, deal damage equal to your Wisdom or Intelligence bonus to each creature in the area of effect. The damage is of the type you chose. Cost: 2 Renown

Quick Getaway – When you take the run action, you may shift two additional squares at any point during your movement. Cost: 1 Renown

One Shot, One Kill – When you kill a non-bloody, non-minon you gain a +1 to attack and damage for the rest of the encounter. Cost: 1 renown

Dive for Cover – Immediate reaction. When you are targeted by a burst or blast attack, shift to any space adjacent to the area of effect. Cost: 2 Renown

Twist the Blade – Reroll one damage die from any weapon attack. Cost: 1 Renown


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