Brinir "Brin" Earendil

Eladrin Rogue


Essentials Thief

Level 2

Wields short sword and short bow


Brin is a member of the Earendil lineage of the Silver Fleet Eladrin clan. The lineage is, or rather was, a lesser family of the Twilight Court. They have maintained limited contact with the Court and the Feywild, and have scandalized themselves by intermarrying with elves. (And it is sometimes rumored, even humans.)

The family are traders, maintaining a number of ships and boats, though sometimes relying upon caravans. They have until recently been maintaining a tenuous trade network in the far south, operating from a coastal city-state.

Brin was sent to the north by his uncle – the head of the family – to explore the region and determine if trade possibilities exist.

Brin sees himself as an explorer and trade-spy – i.e. Merchant Adventurer, rather than a thief or rogue as such. His role is not to set up trade deals and negotiations, but rather gather useful intelligence on opportunities and competitors.

Brinir "Brin" Earendil

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