Aranda Marklehay


Aranda Marklehay was a General in charge of the Emperor’s Tenth Legion. He was dispatched to the North to deal with the threat posed by the Faerie to the Imperials in the Nentir Vale.

Aranda managed to contact a member of the [[Twilight Court]] and get her to agree to a truce between the Faerie and Humans of the Vale. This truce was later expanded into the [[Twilight Compact]] which was a military alliance between the Legions of the North and the Seelie Court against the Unseelie Faerie. Aranda led several successful campaigns against the Goblins and became a great hero to both the Humans and Elves of the North.

The current rulers of Fallcrest trace their linneage to Aranda Marklehay and still keep the Marklehay surname.

Aranda Marklehay

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